Mormonay said that he had to move because he wants to prove himself to Manchester United.

27 Apr

Scott Morminay, Manchester United midfielder, has denied the opportunity to move on loan. Because want to prove that you are worthy of the "Red Devils" and point out one of the important things of being with the Manchester United team is to not be spoiled by things That the club offered too much Scott Morminay, an important midfielder for Manchester United, the English Premier League club, revealed that he had previously refused to leave the team on loan. In order to prove himself to the "Red Devil" After debuting against Manchester United in the 2016-17 season, Mormonay was given more chances to play in the following seasons. And performed well until received a lot of praise But at the beginning of the 2018-19 season, he was caught playing as a center-back in some matches. And still fall to a certain extent Until causing the news that he may be released to play on loan with other teams, however, in the end he did not move anywhere And this season has done an excellent job as one of the main strength of the team The 23-year-old revealed during the agency's podcasts that "About a year and a half ago, there was a time when a loan transfer could happen. And then some people moved out Which gives the opportunity (Playing for the main team of Manchester United) falls to you and you have to grab it. "You hear about many people going out on loan. And other matters But I always thought that I didn't want anything like that I want to show that I am right here. If it really doesn't work You can move to play with other places. "I have heard about living a luxurious life if coming to Manchester United and many people think that they will live a comfortable life, such as eating delicious food. That people make in the cafeteria And to have someone prepare a race suit for you every morning, many expect to live like that But you must always keep in mind where you come from Including always grateful for what many people do for you You will feel like it's a culture created to help us.

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